Lodges and Huts

Harwood Lodge (Mt. Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains)
Harwood Lodge is located in the Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains at the base of Mt Baldy (officially, Mt. San Antonio).   At 6000’ elevation & 15 miles above Claremont, Harwood Lodge is within easy driving distance.  It was built in 1930 to honor Aurelia S Harwood, the first woman president of the Sierra Club and an Angeles Chapter leader.  The lodge stands today as a place to get away from the city & enjoy the solitude of clear mountain air & blue skies.  For more information, visit the Harwood Lodge website.

Keller Peak Ski Hut (ArrowBear, San Bernardino Mountains)
This ski hut was built in 1938 by the Ski Mountaineers.  The hut is managed for the use of all Sierra Club members by the Keller Hut Committee and is staffed by qualified overseers. The cozy rustic hut is located at an elevation of 6800’ on Hwy 18 between Running Springs and Big Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains, across from Snow Valley Ski Area. Winter offers downhill and cross-country skiing; spring through fall offer many hiking trails to explore and enjoy.  For more information, visit the Keller Peak Ski Hut website.

San Antonio Ski Hut (Mt. Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains)
The San Antonio Ski Hut was built by the Ski Mountaineers in 1937.  It burned down the same year and was rebuilt in 1938.  At 8200’ elevation, it is reached by a steep 3 mile, 2200’ gain hike. The trailhead begins 1 mi beyond the locked gate of San Antonio Falls Rd, 80 yds beyond the point where you can look down over your right shoulder and see Harwood Lodge & Manker Flat Campground.  The hut has a fully equipped kitchen of utensils, dishes & cookware.  Water from a spring is piped directly through the kitchen, running 24 hrs a day.  Heat and cooking are provided by wood-burning stoves.  The two-story hut provides sleeping space for 20 people.  For more information, visit the San Antonio Ski Hut website.

[Keller Hut in February: Header photo by James Carden]

Keller Peak Ski Hut