Throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties groups of Sierra Club members work together on many conservation projects and environmental concerns and give voice to efforts to protect open spaces and wild habitats.


Clean Air & Water

Air pollution is responsible for countless respiratory illnesses and deaths every year in Los Angeles and Orange counties. We are working to improve air quality, stop heavy industrial polluters and promote clean energy technology. It is our goal to create healthy and safe communities for all:

Water Committee
Water Committee
Contact: Charming Evelyn, Committee Chair

Coastal Preservation

Our Southern California coastline faces many challenges. The Sierra Club works to help preserve the coast from poorly planned residential and industrial development, oil drilling, and pollution that damages sensitive and irreplaceable habitat. Rapid growth in development threatens our last remaining open wildlife spaces and our previous resources within them. The Angeles Chapter advocates for preservation of these areas to ensure that sensitive habitat be conserved, restored, and left for future generations to enjoy.

Our Coastal Preservation campaign work aligns with other California Sierra Club chapters, to coordinate with the California State Coastal Commission and California's dedicated Coastal Act law:

Open Space & Habitat Preservation

The Sierra Club is founded on the principle that if members of the public and community leaders have the experience of being outdoors and enjoying open spaces then they will be more inclined to preserve those spaces. Through our Outings programs many of our members discover special places. When those places are threatened, Sierra Club member often seek to organize to protect specific locations from specific threats. These places can be parks for recreation, open spaces with multiple use, urban wildlife places, urban nature or endangered habitats that require special attention, public outreach or even legal defense:

Sustainable Transportation & Communities

Angeles Chapter advocates for sustainable solutions within our communities. We raise public awareness about environmentally friendly choices -- such as what we all consume, what type of vehicles we drive -- which all have positive impacts on our health, the places we live and the natural environment:

Transportation Committee
Transportation Committee
(new page!) Contact: Darrell Clarke, Chair
Zero Waste Task Force
Zero Waste Task Force - OC Conservation Committee
What the focus on one use plastics?
Contact Hoiyin Ip

Clean Energy

Support common renewable energy resources such as biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind:

(Don't see a group dedicated to an issue that concerns you? Contact us about starting your own entity within the Sierra Club.)

A List of Angeles Chapter Conservation Committees and contacts.


Conservation Program Coordinator: Angelica Gonzalez