The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter seeks to engage its members and the public in a range of activities to make Los Angeles and Orange Counties more livable. Volunteer activists promote livability in their communities by organizing around everything from land preservation and public transportation to air quality and sustainable consumption.

Save Our Coast
Our Southern California coastline faces many challenges. The Sierra Club works to help preserve the coast from poorly planned residential and industrial development, oil drilling and pollution that damages sensitive and irreplaceable habitat. Rapid growth in development threatens our last remaining open wildlife spaces and our previous resources within them. Chapter advocates for preservation of these areas to ensure that sensitive habitat be conserved, restored and left for future generations to enjoy.
Sustainable Communities
Angeles Chapter advocates for sustainable solutions within our communities. We raise public awareness about environmentally friendly choices -- such as what we all consume, what type of vehicles we drive -- which all have positive impacts on our health, the places we live and the natural environment.
Clean Air
Air pollution is responsible for countless respiratory illnesses and deaths every year in Los Angeles and Orange counties. We are working to improve air quality, stopping heavy industrial polluters and promoting clean energy technology. It is our goal to create healthy and safe communities for all.
Conservation Program Coordinator: Angelica Gonzalez
[El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach, header photo by Tom Politeo]
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